Gesture – #1 Gifting App


  • Social Gifting With No Limits

    Send flowers, wine, bubbly and more at the touch of button. Delivered right to your door.

A Vibe for Any Occasion

Choose the vibe that best fits your reason for sending a Gesture. We'll make sure to take care of the rest.

Search Your Gift

Simply open the Gesture app and choose the perfect vibe for the occasion. Our A.I. will recommend the best gift for situation, or choose your own.

Social Gifting

Every Gesture you send includes a selfie and personal message to your recipient. Check out what other people are doing on our G-Feed.

Experience the Power of G-Links

Send gifts across any messaging platform where you can paste your gifting link.

Fast & Easy

Pick a gift and generate a gifting link in 30 seconds or less


G-Links allow you to implement the same creativity as any other Gesture


Customize your selfie and custom greeting card to any platform

Gift Anywhere

Gift anyone using the same messaging platforms you're familiar with

Amazing Experience

Our personal message feature makes receiving the gift just as fun as sending

Privacy Focused

We never share any personal contact information for either user

Super easy. Happiness delivered. Gesture makes it super easy to make someone feel special...
Streamlined gifting with great customer service. Gesture makes it really easy to send gifts...
Carlos Dangerfield
Quick easy, and great products! I've used Gesture a few times now and have been really...
Pretty damn sweet right? Download it today!

Showcase Your Screenshots

A Beautiful way to Present Multiple Screens. Carousel includes Lightbox and Link Options.

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