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Target Raise
$2.0 MM
Committed Capital-DD Complete
Available & Open for Investment
Use of Funds
Capital from this financing round will permit Gesture to successfully operationalize more than $20M in active and current executed / signed partnership agreements, merchandise and logistics contracts.

Due to the size and deal terms of these contracts, this would generate more than two million new customers for our consumer app along with $30M in revenue over the next 12-18 months.

At the moment, our current technology stack and infrastructure is designed to handle transactions in the hundreds of thousands without any major issues. We are unable to proceed with successfully servicing many of these pending contracts as the amount of traffic specifically simultaneous new user registrations would increase the chances of a system overload leading to major problems with crashing and possible outages. This would cause us to lose customers and breach our contract terms.

We also plan to expand into 3 new countries including Mexico, Canada and the UK. We will allocate funds towards marketing for new service areas.

With that said, we will hire more advanced engineers to reinforce our current stack preparing us for massive and rapid scale, along with keyman and executive hires with industry experience from other tech companies in the same industries; such as doordash, uber and other similar companies.
Future Milestones
End of Q3 2023
Expand into Canada
End of Q3 2023
Expand into Mexico
End of Year 2023
$30M+ New Revenue & Sales
End of Year 2023
Acquire 2 Million new customers
End of Q1 2024
Expand into United Kingdom
End of Q4 2024
Reach Profitability (Cashflow Positive)
Key Products & Services
Each year more than 200 million people, use online shopping to send tangible gifts to others. Last year, more than $175 Billion was spent on gifting in the US alone!

This is why Gesture created an easy to use shopping platform that allows C2C and B2B customers to send tangible gifts using nothing more than a phone number or email address. Not to worry, you can still send the old school way if that's your preference. No more chasing down addresses or having to awkwardly ask for an address.

You can also send a gesture over any direct message platform, or send a gift through the most popular dating apps! Its really that easy! Gesture has already helped thousands upon thousands of customers, in hundreds of cities all over the US, simplify their gift shopping experience!

Gesture has already helped thousands of customers, in hundreds of cities all over the US, simplify their gift shopping experience!
Market Size
Top Competitors

Market Size – Largest flower and gift company in the US. Current market cap is $3B+

Market Size – Offers the ability to buy and delivery alcohol and spirits.

Market Size – B2B – Offers corporate gifting options only

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